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Newbury Dental Group is a dental office in Newbury Park.


Client came to us looking to increase their online growth, as a result of shifting consumer preferences for seeking services online.


  • Crafted a strategic content development campaign to reposition the company and gain search engine dominance for relevant nonsurgical keywords
  • Implemented a direct mail marketing campaign to reactivate past and current clients


    • Grew from 4 to 9 locations in 2 years
    • Became the #1 Botox provider in Canada and #2 in the world
    • Became the #1 provider of Juvéderm in Canada
    • Direct mail campaign generated 712 calls with an average call duration of 5m32s
    • Became the #1 provider of CoolSculpting in Canada just 3 months after introducing the new technology into their clinics
Website Visitors Per Month
Nationally Ranked for Keyword Veneers




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