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When looking for information, most people start with a keyword search. Pay-per-click (PPC) ads make up the top spots on search engine results pages (SERPs). That makes them a great way for businesses to cut through the noise and be seen. We offer a range of PPC services to help you do that.

Research & strategy development

Research and strategy development is the first step. Although it often gets overlooked, skipping it isn’t wise. This step sets the foundation for the whole campaign. Firstly, we determine a goal to focus on. Then, we do important keyword research to understand how best to move forward.

why is this step so important

PPC campaigns can be extremely effective.

However, only if they’re done properly. Planning an effective strategy requires a goal. You can’t hit a target unless you know what to aim for. A brand awareness campaign might focus on impressions from display ads or social ad engagement. Booking more in-person appointments requires an entirely different approach though.

Ad campaign management

After the PPC ads are up and running, they need to be monitored. Watching how people interact with the ads will help determine if they’re working. If they aren’t having the intended effect, we’ll adjust. This also helps ensure bids are optimized and avoids problems.

common adjustments and issues

A typical campaign has multiple related keywords. We monitor the results of each. Some will be more effective than others. When you pay-per-click, each click counts. So next, we optimize bids accordingly. Then, your budget could run out early in the day. If your target audience is seeing the ads and taking the desired action early, that’s fine. Otherwise, the display time can be optimized.

You have a vision

we have a way to get you there!

Advertisement designs

Search ads aren’t the only type of pay-per-click ads. Display ads and social media ads are also an important part. Google display ads reach 90% of internet users. Rather than being simply a link with some text underneath, these ads have images.

display add image design

Display ads can be highly effective at increasing brand recognition, retargeting, and getting more patients. First, you need to get their attention though. Good ad design does this. It’s also important to consider what the design makes them think or feel. For example, a med spa ad should evoke thoughts of relaxation and health.

Landing pages

For the best results, pay-per-click ads should have PPC-specific landing pages. 

landing page optimization

Next, the PPC-specific landing pages should be optimized for each ad. Mirroring the messaging in the ad with that of the landing page, for example, can increase conversion by 39%. Then, we ensure each page has ideal elements for quick load times. Finally, we optimize the design and call to action for the highest possible conversion rate.

Pay-per-click ads can be intimidating. There’s a lot to manage.
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