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Website Design

Website design can improve so many other things when done right. It can engage users, point them in the right direction, and even increase conversion rates. When it’s done wrong, it can do a lot of damage. Your potential customers have plenty of options. If your website design isn’t user-friendly, then they won’t stick around. It’s your job to keep their attention. However, that job is getting harder with time.

Since 2000, the average user attention span has been shrinking. It started at 12 to 15 seconds. Then, it dropped down to eight within only 15 years. It’s now easier to keep a goldfish engaged than the average website visitor. The more it declines, the better your website design must be to keep it. Luckily, we can help.

“If your website design isn’t user-friendly,
then they won’t stick around.”

Wireframes & Website Design

The website design process can be confusing. Especially for people who aren’t in a tech field. That’s why using a wireframe is so important. It simplifies the details into a visual, easy-to-grasp format. Doctors and dentists sometimes want to skip this step to save time. Here’s why that’s unwise.

Importance of Wireframes in Website Design

Every website design feature has a technical name. The average internet user doesn’t know most of them. Wireframes display the layout in context rather than being described in jargon.

Then you have the black and white design. There are no distracting colors, images, or font choices. This allows us to focus on creating the most optimal experience for users. These are some of the many reasons wireframes are crucial.

Custom Designs

When designing a website, there’s somewhat of a uniqueness spectrum. It starts with using a template. Then it ranges all the way to having a site completely custom-made for your business. We prefer custom website designs and for good reasons.

Advantages of Custom-Tailored Web Design

Tailor-made websites have numerous advantages. Templates can be convenient for DIY sites. However, they’re often quite rigid. It’s hard to get exactly what you want from someone else’s layout choices. Similarly, getting the perfect design for usability and navigation from a template is unlikely at best.

Your site design is part of your marketing. A custom site comes off as more professional and trustworthy.

You have a vision

we have a way to get you there!

Website Structure & Flow

How your website is structured will have a big impact on usability and conversion. If a website is designed with a good structure, it will be intuitive to use. Users will always take the path of least resistance. If your site isn’t easy to use, they just won’t use it.

How a Detailed Site Map Can Help

Having a detailed site map ensures that your site has a good flow. A site map is like a flow chart for your website design and navigation. The clearer the navigation is, the more likely visitors are to stay on your site and in your sales funnel.

Pages & Content

After that’s done, we’ll add pages and content. Page type, content topics, and format will depend on your business and goals. They should help guide customers to take the right actions.

content optimization

Your content should be specific to your business. The more relevant the content, the more qualified leads it will draw in. We’ll do keyword research in your field. Studying your Google Analytics and the keywords used for on-site searches can help when available. The content will be made as evergreen as possible to be relevant for years to come.
If you’re ready to start your project, simply fill out the form on our Contact Page. If you have questions or need anything else, feel free to contact us any time.

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