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what is ui/ux in website design?

User experience (UX) concerns the process of using a website. Specifically, the nature, quality, and impact of that process on the user. UX design is the process of creating a website with the ideal structure, features, and elements to craft a good user experience. Think of UX designers as architects designing and building a house.

User interface (UI) refers to website elements visitors interact with. This includes the buttons you click, fields you type into, and text and images displayed. Their function and placement impact user experience. That’s still UX. UI design focuses on aesthetics like color, font, and images. If the UX designer is the architect, then the UI designer is the decorator.

“If the UX designer is the architect, then the UI designer is the decorator.”

We Provide Custom-Made
Website Designs

When we design a website, we don’t use generic templates. We build every website design from scratch. Each one is based on the unique needs of the individual business. This allows for a custom-focused design. Unlike templates, they’re bespoke and flexible. The finished site will reflect your business’s goals, image, and customer needs. Nobody else’s.

How Does That Effect UI/UX?

They may seem unrelated. However, after review, it’s clear why a custom-made website tailored to your vision is ideal. UI/UX centers around building the best, quickest, easiest, and most enjoyable customer experience. Each of your customers is unique with diverse needs. To serve those needs, your website’s UI/UX design must be equally distinct.

We Maximize Website Usability

Website usability measures how easily users can accomplish their chosen tasks. People don’t want to struggle for information or services. That’s why we make booking appointments, finding services, and locating content as easy as possible. Organic designs should create a natural flow. Then, finding anything will be simple.

additional considerations

People with accessibility needs often struggle to navigate websites. They deal with these challenges daily. As web designers who specialize in UI/UX, we make usability and accessibility our top priority.

You have a vision

we have a way to get you there!

We Maximize Conversions

UI/UX has a big impact on conversion. Most people just don’t realize it. Whether your goal is to increase traffic, subscriptions, or appointments, good UI/UX design is the solution. Well-designed UI/UX naturally guides the user toward your conversion goal.

ui/ux design that converts

First, we employ visual cues and hierarchies. This highlights the most important elements. Simple, uncluttered design features direct user focus. Designs should be striking without being busy. Less visual noise reduces distractions. Then, it’s less likely that visitors will leave before converting. Good UI/UX design helps make the right choice clear and easy at every step.

We Follow Proven Best Practices

Each website element has individual best practices. Your site should be unique and stand out. However, best practices use proven data from neurological studies, visitor feedback, and user testing. Years of studies and data analysis have provided a clear picture of what users respond to. We also know what irritates, distracts, and repels them.

best practices in action

Animations can make website features engaging and entertaining. However, when not used correctly, they quickly become distracting, annoying, or confusing. Likewise, call-to-action buttons are great, when properly used. They should be clear, noticeable, and easy to click across devices. If not, then they don’t do much good. It’s all about balancing the elements and knowing the rules so you know when to break them.

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