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AI Website Boost

One-click to massively increase the effectiveness of your website using our AI tool.

Online Appointment Software

Schedule and manage appointments for you or your clients online with ease.

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WP SpeedBoost

3 Seconds or Less Load Time

Page speed has become one of the most important requirements for a successful website. The difference of just one second can mean losing 100’s of potential customers / clients.

At WebUpgrade, we have always known the importance for optimal webpage loading. Our clients consistently score in the top 2% of page speed to ensure a competitive advantage and we have seen the growth as a result of this speed increase.

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Appointment Software

Optimize Your Digital Patient Experience

Appointment scheduling via phone is an outdated and arduous experience for most users. Having to call to schedule appointments can turn away potential patients and put an unnecessary work load on your front desk.

WebUpgrade’s appointment software is a modern, easy-to-use solution for online appointment scheduling. Users choose a date and time for their appointment and it is sent as a beautiful request to your WebUpgrade dashboard for approval. If there is any changes you want to make, you can either call the patient directly or make changes on your end for the user to approve.

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60% of People Choose to Book Online

The world is moving more and more online, don’t miss out on potential clients who prefer online booking.

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