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Dental Advertising

Attract More Patients

Draw local patients to your practice with our highly targeted Ad Campaigns. With the competitive nature of online services today, if you are not running advertisements, you are losing business.

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Attract The Right Crowd

Results That Matter

“The top three search results receive 50% of all clicks on Google” – Intrepy Marketing

Just like no two practices are the same, so are our ad campaigns. We tailor each dental advertising campaign specifically around the individual practice – ensuring a clear focus on local patients.

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Dental Advertising

Social + Search Advertising


Researching local competition and your own offerings allows us to cater your ads intelligently for your ideal audience.


Potential clients are just around the corner. Through advertising, you can increase your online exposure and discover a constant stream of new patients.


Your patientsĀ are going to check review sites about you. With these targeted ads, we strive to pull them back to your practice after confirming how amazing you are!


Improve upon what is working and change what is not. As we have said before, our goal is continual improvement for your digital presence and that includes digital advertising as well.