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Your Site

Analytics are the key to understanding clients

When making any changes to your site, it is important to improve upon what is working and change what is not. By following this practice, we can ensure that we are always improving your site by identifying and resolving issues.

This is an ongoing process that needs to be analyzed over time. What sets us apart from other competitors is our long term dedication to YOU. We make sure that design changes and other improvements make sense before and after committing them.


Which Website Analytics Matter?

In short, all of them.

  • Where your traffic is coming from?
  • Which pages are they visiting?
  • How far down do they scroll?
  • Much more…

The list goes on and on, but we assess your site each month holistically based upon numerous key metrics and create a monthly score for your site. Our goal with this information is to assess how successful our own performance is in managing your website. Unlike competitors who never take the time to self reflect, if your site is underperforming, we know when and how to change your site to ensure optimal performance!

If you are not currently utilizing these important factors with your website, contact us to learn how you can start improving your own website today!