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Why you should have a .com domain

Establishing your website is a vital part of building a business. Your customers need to have access to accurate information about your company directly from you. It’s also a great way for them to contact you with questions or concerns they may have.

That’s part of the reason search engine optimization is so important. Organic traffic from search engines brings more traffic to your website and gets your brand name out there. An excellent SEO strategy can help grow your business better than most traditional advertising. The more people that come to your website, the more people that become customers. 

While there are many aspects to a strong SEO strategy, a significant step you can take to start your website off right is to have a .com domain. Search engines prefer .com domains, and there are numerous other advantages as well.

Though they might be more expensive than alternate domains, .com domains are well worth the money. Here are five reasons you should have a .com domain to establish your brand and grow your business. 

1. Most search engines have strict SEO guidelines.

When setting up your website, there are specific SEO guidelines that you should follow to ensure your site ranks highly. Search engines have things that they look for in sites, and they will choose one that heeds their guidelines over one that does not. One of those guidelines is having a .com domain.

Most search engines prefer .com domains over other websites, and they will rank .com sites higher. Google chooses non-country-specific domains, like .com, over different domains. It’s easier to have .com results for universal searches rather than having international users trying to access country-specific sites. 

2. It’s the default domain.

The .com domain is the default domain extension. When people are looking for a site, they usually search for the company name followed by .com. By having a .com domain, you’re making it much easier for your audience to reach your website. 

Users are also likely to type .com URLs than any others. Nearly everyone who manually enters a URL into the URL bar is going to type They’ll assume that is the official company website. 

The successful brands that don’t own their names as a .com URL are scarce. For example, Nissan’s website is actually While the body of their URL is different than their brand name, they are still using a .com domain. 

Out of the Fortune 500 companies from 2016, 495 used a .com domain, four used a .net, and one used a .org. Over fifty percent of general websites use a .com domain. There are more than 134 million .com registrations, and it’s the go-to domain for nearly all major brands. 

Having a .com domain is standard for most companies, and your customers will be able to find your website much more easily.

3 .com has a long-standing reputation.

The .com domain is the largest and oldest domain on the internet. It was one of the first domains ever used. It has stuck around long enough to build a reputation as the most used and most valuable domain. Because most websites use .com domains, it is assumed that sites with the domain are legitimate businesses. 

4. It lends credibility to your brand.

Most people aren’t as familiar with newer domains as they are with .com. Not only is it easier to remember, but it lends credibility to your brand. It implies that you are more established.

Businesses with .com domains either have the financial success to pay for a .com domain, or they have had their site registered for an extended period of time. Most people know how expensive .com domains can be Prosperity and longevity are both great implications for a business. 

5. Owning your helps you create a brand.

By registering your website under your brand name and a .com domain, you are claiming ownership of your brand. You are stating that your company is not only official, but it is also yours. It is much easier to build a business when it is united under a single brand name and persona.

Additionally, because most companies own their own brand name under a .com domain, you’re establishing yourself as an official business. Your customers will come to know your brand and company as an official entity. 

Final Thoughts

When setting up your website, you want to hit the ground running with your SEO strategy. Set your business up for digital success by using a .com domain. You’ll bring in more customers and have a reliable way for your audience to reach your website.