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How Apartment Marketers Can Improve Their SEO

A lot of apartment marketers overlook just how important search engine optimization is for them. Many of them think that it’s only for large companies or e-commerce businesses. However, a good SEO strategy will bring in more traffic for any business. 

The goal for apartment marketers is to improve their local search presence. Local SEO is designed to reach prospective renters in the area rather than anyone on the internet. Not only will local SEO help you get more viable leads, but there will also be less competition for your website. 

The best way to improve your local SEO is through your Google My Business page. As we all know, almost everyone uses Google. With a substantial presence on Google, your business will be one of the first results that searchers see. Here are six ways to utilize Google My Business and increase your local SEO.

1. Claim and Complete Your Google My Business Page

To use Google My Business, you have to sign up. All you have to do is fill out some basic information. Once you’ve submitted your business information, Google will verify that you are a real organization and that everything you entered was correct. Now, you have a Google My Business page.

2. Optimize Your GMB Page

One of the best ways to optimize your page is by creating posts. GMB posts are short, between 100 and 300 words. Just provide photos, your text, an event title, and a button. Remember that Google removes posts after seven days, however, so you want them to be up-to-date.

You can publish events, products, and services directly to Google Search and Maps. That way, anyone looking at your page will also see upcoming events or relevant products. You can post when you have an opening or a move-in deal to draw in more prospective renters. 

These posts have a direct positive impact on your local SEO. It gives your searchers more incentive to engage with your page, and it advertises deals and opportunities that they’ll want to take advantage of.

3. Request and Monitor Reviews

Reviews are one of the most prominent features of a Google My Business page. You’ll want reviews, and you’ll need to monitor them to ensure they aren’t harming your SEO.

Sometimes all people need to leave a review is a little nudge. Ask current or former tenants to leave a Google review, though you have to follow Google’s guidelines when asking for reviews. People trust other consumers’ opinions more than advertisers, so you’ll want genuine, positive reviews.

By leaving reviews, users are also increasing the engagement on your page, which Google will notice. High engagement and traffic increase your SEO, ensuring that more people will see your page. 

Additionally, you’ll want to check on new reviews and respond when necessary. Flag inappropriate or spammy comments. Thank those that leave positive reviews, and apologize to those that claim to have had a negative experience. 

4. Update and Manage Your Citations

A citation is an appearance of your site on other websites. For example, if your business is on Yelp, that’s a citation. Sometimes, these sites will provide backlinks to your website, though that isn’t always the case.

Go through your citations. Make sure that there is a working link provided and that all information listed is accurate. Keep up with any new citations by checking them regularly.

5. Emphasize Your Location

For local SEO to be effective, Google has to know what your location is. Reference cities and regions throughout your business profile, and ensure that your location is listed in your website’s footer. That way, Google will have a clear indication of where you are, and it will know to direct users from that are to you.

Include testimonials that reference your location on your website, too. On your social media, be sure to add hashtags for your area and to create posts that reference your location.

6. Implement Structured Data

Structured data is a standardized format for a page. It helps provide information about a page to search engines, and it’s easier for them to classify the page’s content. With clear classification, there’s an increased chance that the information about your site will appear in search results.

Structured data gives Google context for your pages. It makes them more attractive in results, improving your SEO, making it easier for users to interact with them.

Final Thoughts

Apartments can benefit a lot from local SEO. Just setting up and optimizing a Google My Business page will draw in more visitors and create viable leads. The majority of traffic will be from people in your area, so you’ll have a real chance of getting them interested in your apartments.