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SEO For Lawyers

Nowadays, every organization has to have an online presence, regardless of their industry. One of the main ways consumers find and select the companies they want to work with is through organic searches.

To ensure that your law firm’s website is one of the first results users see, you have to employ search engine optimization. SEO will help you obtain a higher ranking on the first page of search results. More prospective clients will visit your site and show interest in your firm.

Search engines are an important tool for consumers looking to hire a law firm. With SEO, you can ensure that your firm’s site is one of the first that they see.

seo for lawyers

Why You Need SEO

Search engines are a primary tool for finding information and services. No matter what a user is looking for, they will likely use a search engine to find it. 

Eighty-seven percent of smartphone owners use a search engine one or more times a day. 

seo for lawyers

Once they use that search engine, it usually leads to site visits. Fifty-one percent of all website traffic comes from organic searches, and ten percent from paid searches.

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SEO can ensure that your site is one of the first few that users see. We know that they will be using a search engine and that they are likely to visit a result. However, it is important that you are not pages back.

The first five results on a search engine receive sixty-seven percent of clicks. No potential client is going to search through pages of results to find your firm. Great SEO can help you get your site to the top of search result rankings. When users search for relevant keywords, your site will be one of the first that they see.

The Importance of Your Website

Your website is your central hub for SEO. Search engines use the data from your site to provide results to users. If your website does not have relevant information or cannot be accessed easily by a search engine, you will not rank highly.

SEO is an investment in your visibility. Your firm will be seen by more potential clients, which will lead to your firm having more clients. When consumers need law services, they will use a search engine and easily find your firm.

Additionally, your website is crucial because it is the primary way you create and promote your brand. Part of SEO is having a site and content that users enjoy interacting with, as search engines can tell when users quickly click off a site.

You want potential clients to find your firm’s website and become interested. Essentially, your website is your first impression. It is the first way that you can connect and communicate with potential clients.

While your website is important for SEO, it is also essential for communication with clients. The two concepts go hand-in-hand. More satisfied visitors to your site means a higher website ranking.

The old days of looking through the phone book for a lawyer are over. Now, consumers use search engines. With a great website, your firm will be one of the first results they see and visit.

SEO for Lawyers

Every type of organization needs to employ SEO, but especially law firms. The National Law Review found that ninety-six percent of people seeking legal advice used a search engine during their research. Seventy-four percent of those users visit a firm’s website to take action by booking a meeting or contacting the firm. 

There is no doubt about it. Consumers are using search engines to find the law firms they want to hire. Firms have to employ SEO to be one of the first choices for users. 

As we mentioned above, SEO is an investment. It is a simple way to ensure that your firm reaches a wider audience and connects with more potential clients. Rather than spending large amounts of money on traditional marketing, you can use SEO for greater visibility at little to no cost.

Consumers are using organic searches to find and hire law firms. Stay ahead of the competition by raising your search engine ranking through SEO.

Final Thoughts

Consumers nowadays are using search engines to find the law firm they want to work with, and firms have to be aware of that. SEO can ensure that your firm is one of the first results users see when searching for relevant keywords. The higher your search ranking, the more likely you are to get clicks. 

If you need help with SEO for your law firm, contact WebUpgrade today. We can work with you on your website’s front and back ends to ensure that your SEO is as effective as possible. 

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